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Showroom & Event Space

If you are looking for a unique venue to hold a special event or a launch, you might like to check out our KOMME’s sprawing showroom.

The interior and open-concept layout was designed to be a playful, inspiring space to showcase KOMME’s new collections. The make-over brought natural light into the former warehouse loft. Original exposed piping in the ceiling, rustic cracked walls and flooring are retained and coated a fresh white to convert the space into a gallery- style studio.

‘Zones’ were created to display each brand’s identity while an open café-style high table provides a temporary respite for shoppers in the midst of a bustling town centre.

Pure sensorial indulgence

To Inject a bucket load of character to the store ambience, an eclectic mix of contemporary and antique furniture doubles up as gorgeous display props and selling stocks throughout the store.

Fresh, bold green leaves and potted plants add dimensions and liveliness to the space.

The space can easily be converted into an event space for hire.